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03 June 2012 @ 04:39 pm

Each time we post a podcast at our website, we get to include several still shots from the show, but often there are so many shots we just don't have room for on the website.  So I'm thinking perhaps I'll try to make a point of posting some of those here.

In the recent podcast, we talked about another one of "young David's" nightmares, and I collected this shot, which shows him clearly in anguish and upset about the mysterious woman with the medallion.  On more than one occasion I've remarked that David Henesy often does a great acting job, especially for a little kid, and especially when he really has some material to sink his acting chops into.  As I'm collecting these still shots for the website, I'll often stop on a frame where David's expression is loaded with emotion.  This is not just some kid reading lines.  He is really getting into the part.  It LOOKS like he's FELLING everything his character is feeling.

I don't know much about the actor David Henesy except that he never really did any more acting past Dark Shadows, and I think that's a shame, because I think he could have really had a future with it.  All those in agreement, say "Aye-YAH!"
20 April 2012 @ 10:55 pm

Impeccable manners, grace, charm.  Jonathan Frid truly brought a sense of style to Collinsport's resident vampire. 
13 April 2012 @ 07:34 pm

I call this one "Portrait of a Dysfunctional Family," because back in these early episodes (200s-300s) we often see this image of Barnabas and Hoffman, with Willie standing between them, just watching and listening.  He knows he doesn't have any power in this strange arrangement, so all he can do is stand by and take it all in while Mom and Dad bicker with each other.  And bicker they do!  What a power struggle between these two very strong personalities!

Sometimes, after Willie's been observing what goes on, he'll pipe up and and say something to Barnabas, but of course Barnabas immediately shoots him down and puts him in his place---just as any domineering authoritarian of a father would. 

And Mom?  Well, she's always fiddling with her gloves, isn't she?  We notice that a lot, that Julia Hoffman is forever taking off and putting on those long, elegant gloves.  Some day we might do a You Tube video of all the times we see her fiddling with the gloves.  But it might be too long a clip for You Tube!'

As you're watching the show, take note of the gloves, especially as you get in the 200-300's.
13 April 2012 @ 07:29 pm
Julia Hoffman lights cigarette on candle stick in the Old House
For the past several weeks in our podcast, we've been making note of how many characters suddenly seem to be obsessed with smoking cigarettes.  I know I had heard that Grayson Hall was a great smoker, and if memory serves me correctly, she died of lung cancer.  Was it when her character Julia Hoffman first came on the show that all this out of control smoking started?  Or was there indeed a cigarette sponsor at the time?  At any rate, I think the above picture is truly indicative of the smoking frenzy going on in Dark Shadows, at least in the episodes numbered in the 200's and 300's. One of the small perks of living in a house without electricity---you're surrounded by cigarette lighters on a constant basis!  (Well, during the evenings, anyway.)

I wonder why Barnabas never chooses to light up?  As a vampire, can he not enjoy a good smoke?  Is he the kind of vampire that doesn't actually BREATHE?  I guess it would be kind of hard to smoke a cigarette if you can't breathe, right?
01 March 2012 @ 08:51 pm
Our friends over at The Collinsport Historical Society have sent us this Dark Shadows trading card, which can be used as a computer wallpaper. To see lots more of these cool, classic trading cards, visit The Historical Society, where you will also find lots of news about the upcoming movie, interviews and articles, and all other kinds of good stuff about your favorite show: Dark Shadows!

old barnabas
11 February 2012 @ 10:59 am
Several weeks ago on our podcast, we mentioned a moment that appeared onscreen, but never went anywhere.  Here we see Sarah placing Jason's cap on Barnabas' coffin, after Barnabas and Willie have dragged Jason's body out of the basement.  The obvious quesion is...wouldn't Barnabas have noticed, when he came back to the basement the next morning to crawl back into his coffin for a good day's sleep, that the cap is on the coffin?   Wouldn't he have remembered that HE did not place it there, and wouldn't he have asked Willie, and Willie would say, no, HE did not place it there either?  So.....(cue:  creepy Dark Shadows music....) HOW DID IT GET THERE?

This would have been an excellent opportunity to make the point that Barnabas is beginning to suspect there might be a ghost in the house, and that ghost might be Sarah.  That's where we thought this was going...but it never did.  And we found that somewhat disappointing.

Why was this scene was included, if it was never going to go anywhere?  Maybe there was a connecting scene, but it ended up on the cutting room floor?  Or maybe....this scene was just put in there to add to the sense of "Mystery" that is so inherent to Dark Shadows overall?  

14 January 2012 @ 01:13 pm

I love bobbleheads!  I guess you can get these from http://www.darkshadowsonline.com/collect.html.  Just might have to do that...
27 October 2011 @ 08:49 pm

Here's a picture of The Old House...during the day.  There's just something not right about seeing this house in the daylight.  Don't you think?  First, it looks really decrepit.  Forlorn and abandoned.  The kind of place that you wouldn't be at all surprised if you happened to find a vampire sleeping in his coffin in the basement.

No, this place is not supposed to be seen by day.  It's supposed to be seen by night.  By night, the proper ambience is achieved.  It looks spooky and gothic...without simply looking "run down."  At night, you look at this house and you want to call and exorcist.  By day, you look at this house and you just want to call a painter, a landscaper and a handyman.

During the day it looks like nobody in their right mind would want to live there. But at night...it looks like somebody who is NOT in their right mind MIGHT be living there.

Oh, and one more thing.  At night, it's not quite as easy to tell that the exterior shots of this old house look NOTHING LIKE the studio shots of the outside of The Old House.  

16 October 2011 @ 12:41 am
Now here's a real blast from the past!  Well... every time we visit Dark Shadows it's a blast from the past, but this pic is from the very earliest days, from way before Willie Loomis ever went searching for Naomi Collins jewels and inadvertently released a vampire into the landscape. From back in the days when even though Collinwood was chock full of melodrama, it was at least still a somewhat NORMAL place.

Here we see Sam Evans, as he was portrayed by actor Mark Allen, along with BIll Malloy, portrayed by actor Frank Schofield.

We only saw Mark Allen as Sam Evans in seven episodes, then David Ford took over the role.  Frank Schofield appeared in less than twenty of the earliest episodes, mostly as the Bill Malloy, the manager of the Collins fishing fleet and cannery, and then a couple of times as the GHOST of Bill Malloy. 

If I'm not mistaken, Bill Malloy was the first ghost we actually SEE on Dark Shadows.  So it's pretty significant.  And it's also sufficiently creepy, when it happens.

Here, of course, the two men are in the Blue Whale.  The Blue Whale does not change too much during the course of the show.  Except, of course, that some time during the summer of 1967, it suddenly appears IN COLOR.  And continues to appear in color for the rest of the show.   I think that if the Blue Whale were an actual bar/restaurant from the 1960's, and it was still around today, and you went there, it would not be much changed.  It would, hopefully, still appear IN COLOR.  But I'll bet that same bartender would still be there, silently serving drinks to the same old crowd. 

I only hope there might be some new songs in that jukebox.  The selection was just pitiful.  If I could make a specific request, a few songs with LYRICS might actually be nice...

02 October 2011 @ 04:32 pm

So....here is the iconic "Cast Photo" from the original Dark Shadows:

And here is the cast photo for the new Dark Shadows movie:

 I've heard that the thinking was to emulate the original cast photo.  How do you think they did?